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Here are some of my favorite HOTTIE ideas (some borrowed from my lovely customers!):

♡ Pre-warm your bed before you get in and then put the HOTTIE on your cold feet! Can you say, AhHhHHhhhhhh…???

♡ Transform a cold crib into a snuggly nest for your sleeping baby.

To warm a crib, simply fill the HOTTIE with hot water, place in the crib for 10-15 minutes. Remove the HOTTIE before transferring your infant into the bed. In ALL instances, parents must monitor use of HOTTIE with babies and infants to ensure safety. Very young babies are unable to turn their bodies off the HOTTIE if it gets too hot. Do not leave babies and young children unattended with a HOTTIE! )

♡ Use a HOTTIE to warm your baby’s stroller during cold winter walks and chilly outdoor activities.

♡ At the cottage, or camping.

♡ Kids love HOTTIES at bedtime. It is so comforting to have a cute, warm friend to keep away chills and snuggle up with.

♡ Use a HOTTIE to ease stomach or ear aches.

♡ Ladies of a ages definitely will appreciate the comfort of HOTTIES at least once a month!

♡ HOTTIES help ease those growing pains of stretching muscles, growing bones, etc.

♡ Outside skating and tobogganing, or at the ski lodge.

♡ Snuggled up on the couch while watching a movie, knitting, or reading.

♡ In the car, during long road trips on a cold day.

♡ Stowed in your suitcase, so you can pull it out at the hotel.

♡ For friends and family in the hospital or senior’s home.

♡ For sleepovers with friends.

♡ In the office, on your lap, or against your aching back...Enjoy the deep, penetrating heat of a HOTTIE to ease sore neck and back, or overworked muscles.

♡ Fight bad circulation! Warm up those cold feet and hands anywhere!

♡ Put a HOTTIE in the dog or cat bed to warm up puppies and kittens, or to help your senior animals with creaky joints! Like humans, our favorite furry friends also benefit from some warm HOTTIE lovin’. Love ya, fido!

Got your own great HOTTIE ideas? Please do get in touch, cause I'd love to hear about it!

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