Instructions for Use

Here are some tips for a long and happy life with your HOTTIE!


1. When filling your HOTTIE, leave the hot water bottle inside the cozy (avoid the challenge of trying to force a hot bag of water into a soft cover!). Simply flip the top of the cozy back to reveal the bottle opening.

2. Fill with your HOTTIE with hot water. Do this slowly to avoid splashing hot water. Do not fill more than 2/3 full.

3. Remove all the excess air by carefully squeezing the bottle until the water reaches the opening. This will ensure that your HOTTIE doesn't accidentally explode like a balloon filled with to the max with air. It also will allow more heat transfer, as the hot water is now completely in contact with the the bottle!

4. Carefully screw the cap back on. Flip the bottle upside down to make sure the seal is nice and tight...No leaks! Now flip the cozy back over the bottle top.

5. Enjoy!


When you are not using your HOTTIE, make sure to completely air dry the bottle by leaving the lid off for a day or two. You can even hang your bottle upside down with a clothes pin.

The transparent German Ecolux bottles can be cleaned with vinegar and water to remove and residue from the water and keep it nice and transparent!

Store is a cool, dry place out of the sun.

COOL IDEA: In the summer or during travel, you can stuff your HOTTIE cover with scarves and socks when you don't need the hot water bottle. This way you can enjoy your HOTTIE on your bed or couch like a pillow or cushion all year round!


Suggestions for your HOTTIE's long and happy life:

♡ Keep the bottle away from oils (including essential oils), fats or acids.
♡ Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
♡ Do not heat the bottle in an oven or microwave oven.
♡ Your hottie bottle, like all materials are subject to normal wear and tear. Depending on how much you use it, the standard rubber bottle has an unpredictable lifespan, while the German Ecolux bottle should last a minimum of two years without leaks, and will probably last a lot longer than that! Make sure to check your bottle frequently for wear and damage.

Suggestions for your own safety:
♡ Only use the original cap that comes with the HOTTIE bottle.
♡ Avoid using boiling water.
♡ Avoid extended and direct contact with the bottle to your skin. Always use the HOTTIE cover to keep from getting burned.
♡ HOTTIES as hot water bottles are not a toy and should not be left unattended with young children and infants.