fromtofrom is a Montreal-based company designing and creating whimsical one of a kind hot water bottle covers, or HOTTIES, for fun-loving people of all ages. HOTTIES are a joyful warm-me-up, offering a modern twist to the classic hot water bottle cover. All products by fromtofrom are hand made one at a time by artist Janice Yan-Yan Wu, from a combination of locally sourced, super soft fleece and recycled fabrics.

The Full Story...

fromtofrom has a HEART!

fromtofrom is committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. I make each and every HOTTIE in my apartment studio here in Montreal, Canada. I try to gather as many recycled materials as possible, including vintage print cloth, wool sweaters, and table cloths to add unique details to my HOTTIES. Most of my materials come from church basements and charity shops in my community. For the fleece materials, I source them locally. I am also very proud to offer hot water bottles from Germany with my HOTTIES. After an extensive search, these bottles have been chosen for their high quality design, durability, and because the bottles are made from recyclable plastic. I love that!